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Enjoy the sweet taste of pure cane sugar!

Sprinkles enhance every pastry and ice cream treat. We put extra effort into producing the sweetest, cleanest and most eye-catching sprinkles on the market. Our sprinkles make your food creations deliciously more appealing and increase its satisfying taste! Choose among 10 different artificial or natural colors that will take your product…and sales…to the next level!


We have over 25 years of experience in the food service industry—specifically in purchasing food ingredients. So we know where to find the highest quality ingredients at the best price to make the finest sprinkles on the market.


We are an American company, but our factory is located in Costa Rica—the heart of cane sugar production. This lets us provide the highest quality ingredients at a competitive price. In addition, our manufacturing facility is GFSI certified and allergen free to insure a wholesome, quality product.


We make sprinkles as they are meant to be a pure, sweet taste and colorful product that enhances food creations and entices customers back for more.


Hundreds & Thousands

What sprinkles are called in THE UK, AUSTRALIA AND OTHER COUNTRIES

Sprinkles or Jimmies?

it Depends, IT’S jimmies in parts of THE NORTHEAST